About Us

The Institute for Personal Change is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to teaching the Process for Personal Change.  It was established as a non-profit in 1984, for the purpose of conducting psychotherapy and personal growth seminars.

The Institute specializes in a unique two-month program known as The Process. It is described in the book “Where Freedom Begins” (by Marion Pastor and Ron Luyet, see Recommended Bibliography). This work, which incorporates a blend of Western depth psychology and Eastern insight, is a structured program designed to help individuals move beyond the limitations of their past and to reclaim the essential self. The Process is based on the inner child therapy work originated by Bob Hoffman in 1967.

The staff at the Institute for Personal Change are highly qualified teachers or licensed therapists with extensive training in relationship and family of origin issues. In addition to the Process, they provide individual, couple and group therapy and counseling. A one day workshop is available for those who wish to experience a shorter piece of work drawn from the content and techniques of the Process. For those who have completed the two-month program and wish to continue their journey with us, other offerings are available. These include ongoing groups, seminars, meditation classes and individual counseling.

Experienced members of the Institute staff are also available to business and corporations for on-site sessions in organizational consulting, team building and stress management.