What 12-step Participants Say

“My life has been saved twice. The day I walked into my first 12-step meeting and the day I walked into my first Process class with my 12-step knowledge. … I have learned the power of choice in my life. I can respond vs. react to the things I am powerless over. I truly do know that I am never given anything too difficult for me to handle, because I am not alone. I have a Higher Power and an internal Spiritual Self that are in constant contact with each other.
     “I cannot imagine my life today without the influence of 12-step programs and the Process. The meeting rooms taught me that I am loveable … the Process taught me to love myself.”

Jana R.

“The work of the Process literally escalated my recovery. I had come to a place of feeling terribly stuck while working my AA program. The step-by-step work of the Process and its spiritual guidelines (with or without God), allowed me to immerse myself in recovery. Through much of this work I felt I was attending an all-encompassing 12-step program.”

Kate M.

“[I realized] that all the negative traits that I saw in my parents were mine! I had inherited them! These traits and beliefs had led to negative and destructive expectations of myself and others. They had prevented me from achieving my potential for inner peace, creativity, self-love, and happiness. Visualizations, including a personal sanctuary, loving Guide, my false-self, higher-self, and my beautiful Inner Child helped me to see who I really was – NOT who my mother and father tried to make me believe I was! This Process has helped me better recognize old behavior patterns and I have begun to feel a delicious freedom from the old messages that try to undercut my daily existence.”

George C.

“The Process provided intense development of additional spiritual tools to use and really BE different in my life. I am grateful for the 12-step program; it got me on my feet. Now, after the advanced work I did during the Process, my life does work.”
Beverly O.

“I had walked around all my life feeling I had a huge hole where my heart was supposed to be. The first time I ever felt that hole fill up was when I participated in (an introductory) workshop. I knew I had to do the Process! I wanted to get BETTER!

“Now, five years later, I know there is no quick fix or cure. But I also know that the Process changed my life by helping me confront my family of origin issues in a powerful, spiritual way. My Process teacher guided me back into those old wounds, opened them up, helped me clean them out, and then let the light of day in to heal them. The Process saved my life. It was the best present that I have ever given myself, because it led me back to who I am! I had always known the real me was hidden inside myself, but I had been unable to find it. I began to realize that the person I am is worthy and deserves to be nurtured and love.

“The Process has enabled me to maximize the benefits of 12-step recovery programs. The resulting spiritual growth has given me the personal fulfillment that I had always sought.”

Adele J.

“My involvement in Al-Anon laid an essential spiritual foundation in my healing process. It supported me in the beginning to trust and open to life again, and prepared me for the challenging work of the Process, (which) accelerated my growth and healing by providing a very safe space to confront personal issues and painful past experiences. The spiritual focus of the Process, and emphasis on positive tools of recovery like affirmations, visualizations, bodywork, etc., helped to heal the hurt places inside. I felt understood and cared for in a very special way, and began to trust in a way I had not experienced before. My relationships with family have healed greatly, and friendships in Al-Anon and outside the program have deepened. Al-Anon continues to support and maximize my ability to use the gift that I received from the Process work.”
Therese P.

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