What Experts Say

“In my experience, only the Process changes a person so deeply and permanently in such a brief time.  The change permeates the depth and the height of a person, releasing profound healing forces.  As healing joins to growth, so recovery from psychic illness moves into personal evolution, health, and spiritual grace.  Divinity and warm humanity combine in this great work.”

–Jack Downing, M.D., World Renowned Psychiatrist


“The most comprehensive approach I am aware of to completing unfinished parental issues.  It offers unique techniques to deal intensively with specific aspects of the human enterprise and gives us powerful tools for aiding the unfolding of the capacities inherent in all of us.”

–Will Schutz, Ph.D., author of The Human Element, and former Director for Holistic Studies at Antioch University West


“The Process teaches you to be honest, first with yourself, and then with others who are important to you.”

–Don Goldmacher, M.D.

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