What to expect

Our clients discover emotional healing and personal transformation in nine weeks.

The Institute for Personal Change helps you develop an inner source of strength that you can rely on to become the complete human being you were meant to be. Through the Process for Personal Change you can learn to know yourself, to be at peace with your past, and to guide your future on a path that you choose.

After completing the Process for Personal Change, you will:

  • Understand how your childhood affects the way you are now.
  • Understand the dynamics of the family you were raised by. After completing the Process, you will no longer be driven by the need for love and acceptance from your parents and others, because you will find it in yourself.
  • Become a better human being, a better parent, and know how to better handle the problems that inevitably come up in parent-child and all other relationships.
  • Learn to choose your responses rather than automatically react when your buttons are pushed.
  • Learn to forgive and love yourself. With self-forgiveness, you become able to love yourself in a new and more complete way — able to “re-parent” yourself.


At the conclusion of the Process, clients often describe themselves as open, centered, loving, no longer afraid, and in control of their own lives.

The Process can help you find a new, authentic grounding for your life. It goes beyond insight. It can actually help you to create the life you want.

Is the Process right for me?

There are several ways to find out.

  1. Click here to read “Is The Process Right for You?”
  2. Attend a weekend workshop to experience what we do, and how we do it.
  3. Request a complimentary session with one of our therapists to determine if the Process is the right therapeutic vehicle for you at this time.
  4. Request a complimentary session with Elaine to talk about the Process from a life experience/common sense (non-therapeutic) point of view.

The journey you take at The Institute for Personal Change could be the most beautiful, important journey of your life. We sincerely hope you’ll take it.