Informational Meeting

Learn how the Process can work for you, in your personal life, relationships, parenting, or career. Hear about Process graduates, why they took the Process, and what they got out of it.

Commencement Celebration

At this celebration, each graduate of the current Process class speaks about their Process experience, what they gained, and how they have changed. As they begin their Life After The Process, join them in their celebration and see firsthand what the Process does.

Weekend Workshops

Bring awareness to current behavior patterns that are producing undesirable results in your life, then shift to behaviors that lead to more positive outcomes.

9-Week Process For Personal Change

The Process, a nine-week therapy program, helps you bring the emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical aspects of your being into a consciously harmonious balance.

Not sure where to start? Talk with us.

Request a complimentary session with one of our therapists to determine
 if the Process is the right therapeutic vehicle for you at this time.