The therapists at the Institute for Personal Change are highly qualified and include licensed marriage and family therapists with extensive training in relationship and family of origin issues. In addition to the Process, the therapists provide individual, couple and group therapy and counseling. All the faculty members are themselves Process graduates.

The audio clips below were recorded on November 18, 2012, at “Friends and Family.”

Cris Jenkins, MS, MFT
2crisjenkins at gmail dot com, 941-224-6387
MFT 22273
Palo Alto, CA and Sarasota area, FLCris has been a Process Therapist for over 20 years. She has had a private practice offering individual, group and couples counseling. Currently Cris is the Clinical Director at the Institute for Personal Change. Becoming a Process therapist requires one not only to first experience the work as a client, but to continue on a path of self examination. It also means a commitment to staying abreast of research and methodologies in psychotherapy, as well as the many exciting new findings in neuroscience that are influencing how we approach personal growth today.

As a result of doing the Process herself and then seeing her clients move so deeply and quickly toward awareness, resilience and balance in their lives, Cris continues to use a Process-oriented approach in all her clinical work.Cris has a strong background in the research arena and continues to seek out evidence-based clinical practices. She was part of the research team on the Coronary Cancer Prevention Project at the Meyer Friedman Institute (now part of the University of California San Francisco Medical Center). This study followed 3,000 participants for 10 years. Results showed significantly lower incidences of both cancer and coronary disease between the control group and the participants receiving cognitive-behavioral interventions, including training in mindfulness and meditation.

Cris is trained in The Human Element, a renowned team building and leadership coaching program developed by Will Schutz, PhD. The Human Element is used by major corporations around the world. Cris worked with Ron Luyet, one of that organization’s founders, as well as a founder of The Institute for Personal Change.

Autobiography in Five Short Chapters (01:29):

Compassion (00:47):

Julie Leader, Ph.D.
drjulieleader at gmail dot com, 650-260-0070
California License PSY 17321. Redwood City, CA 94063
http://julieleader.comJulie has both gone through the Process herself (life-changing work!), and taken clients through the Process (very meaningful and rewarding). She believes in the power of the Process, which combines group, individual, writing and visualization modalities to help people make profound changes in their lives through better understanding and being able to de-program what they learned about themselves while growing up. Julie is a clinical psychologist, dedicated to helping people expand their ability to accept and love themselves, and to create more meaningful, joyful and connected lives. She completed a doctoral degree from SUNY Stony Brook, an internship through the Palo Alto VA, and a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Behavioral Medicine at Stanford. She has been in private practice for 20 years.
Julie Leader
Janelle Tamm Magnusen, M.S., MFT
janelle at burlingamepsychotherapist dot com, 650-483-6090
MFC 45483, Burlingame
Cynthia Merchant, MA, MFT
cynmerch at gmail dot com, 510-418-1250
MFT 40545, Berkeley

With over twenty-five years experience facilitating transformational groups, Cynthia is a Marriage Family Therapist & Somatic Experiencing Practitioner with a rich, eclectic approach to healing & change. She has trained directly with Dr. Peter Levine since 1988 & has been a student & collaborator with Dr. Claudio Naranjo since 1989 to the present. She has facilitated groups throughout the U.S. as well as Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and Canada. In her Berkeley, California private practice, working with individuals, couples, & children Cynthia catalyzes self-acceptance & self-compassion in her clients while facilitating the resolution of traumatic & developmental stress & the healing of nervous system disregulation.

Cynthia Merchant, MFT
Catherine Seidel, MA, MFT
catherine at theprocessworks dot org, 650-568-6778
MFC 35733
San Francisco, Palo Alto
Working in depth (01:36):

The Process Clients (01:08):

Helen Selenati, MA, LMFT
hselenati at comcast dot net, 707-595-3413‬ (voice); 650-670-7658 (text)
MFC 41355, Santa Rosa.
Helen is also available to business and corporations for on-site individualized coaching and facilitated mentoring programs.
Malcolm Stanislaus, MA, MFT
mstanislaus2003 at yahoo dot com, 408-831-8381
MFT 46059, Los Angeles Area and Palo Alto.Areas of specialization: Trauma Recovery, Shame Reduction, Mood Disorders (depression and anxiety), and Cross-cultural issues.Malcolm is certified in Grief Recovery and has extensive experience working with individuals, couples, families and groups.

His specialized training in Trauma Recovery and Shame Reduction methodology came from working at the John Bradshaw Center for Codependency.

Further training was acquired in personality disorders (a la James F. Masterson, M.D.), Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (better known as Davanloo therapy), attachment theory, affect theory, and Psychodrama.

Malcolm has studied the works of Frantz Fanon as they apply to Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome and other shame-based cross-cultural issues.

Malcolm has the depth of life experience that has benefitted many clients in both in-patient locked psychiatric hospital settings, and out-patient private practice settings.

He practices Zen meditation, Christian Contemplative prayer (a la Joel S.Goldsmith, a contemporary Christian mystic), and Taoist yoga.

He was a competitive collegiate gymnast, gymnastics coach, personal athletic trainer, and currently trains in Japanese Shotokan Karatedo.

Friendly and compassionate with a no-nonsense approach, Malcolm is dedicated to his clients’ full awakening of potential in the Process.

Kathy Tamm, MA, MFT
kathytamm at yahoo dot com
Foster City
Kathy became a Marriage and Family therapist in 1972. She took the Process in 1977, and went straight into training as a Process therapist with the Process staff. When the Institute for Personal Change was incorporated as a non-profit (1984), Kathy was one of the cofounders.


Jamie Leno Zimron, Somatic Facilitator
jamie at thecenteredway dot com, 760-492-4653,
Truckee, San Francisco, San Diego, Jerusalem
Jamie is a Somatic Therapist, as well as an LPGA Golf Pro, Aikido 6th Dan, Master Bodyworker, Corporate Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer, and international Citizen Diplomat. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford University, she did her Masters work in Clinical Psychology and went through The Process in 1982. She then was mentored by the Institute founders, and worked on staff until leaving the Bay Area in 1994. She has been fortunate to study with Peter Levine and other leaders in mind-body and trauma healing, and returned to The Process in 2018 to help anchor the group with somatic work.The creator of The Centered Way Inc. and KiAi Golf, Jamie generously shares a broad synthesis of knowledge and experience in all her seminars and sessions, With a core focus on embodiment and empowerment, she is a recognized innovator in applying holistic principles in sports, business, leadership, healing and peacebuilding. She helped introduce Aikido into the ex-Soviet Union during the Gorbachev era, and continues to teach Aikido (The Martial Art of Peace) and mind-body healing modalities in Israel, Palestine, Ethiopia, and throughout the United States and Canada.
Therapist Emeritus: Ron Luyet, MA, MFCC
ron at greenzoneculture dot com, 650-515-2923‬
Ron is available to business and corporations for on-site sessions in organizational consulting, team building and stress management.
The Process is about cleaning dirty windows (00:41):

Survival as children (01:31):

In Memoriam: Dorothea Hamilton, MA, MFT
About the Process work (02:26):

Blessings outweigh curses (00:41):

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