For Mental Health Professionals

For negative behaviors rooted in now-unconscious parental programming, the Process enables clients to:

  • Become aware of their negative parental programming,
  • Gain access to their early childhood negative conditioning,
  • Recognize, understand and become free from their early childhood learned behaviors.

The Process also helps clients confront and dismantle their defense mechanism systems, so that they can access unconscious material. The Process unleashes memories and feelings that can energize and assist their ongoing treatment.

Three ways the Process can work for you

1. Take the Process yourself

Break free of those persistent or challenging emotional bonds of your own. Transform yourself, while you gain facility with techniques to use in your own practice. Licensed mental health professionals are eligible for a fee discount.

2. As a therapeutic referral for your clients

The Process can be an ideal therapeutic referral for some of your clients. The Process does not replace the need for ongoing therapy, but it can speed the client‘s progress. The Process is conducted by non-prescribing, licensed marriage and family therapists.

In my experience, only the Process changes a person so deeply and permanently in such a brief time. The change permeates the depth and the height of a person, releasing profound healing forces.  As healing joins to growth, so recovery from psychic illness moves into personal evolution, health, and spiritual grace.  Divinity and warm humanity combine in this great work.”
–Jack Downing, M.D., Psychiatrist

The Process works well for clients who evidence one or more of the following:

  • Stuck and need more intense or deeper work than weekly therapy sessions will allow
  • Feel that their therapy is not helping them
  • Suffer emotionally, but are stuck in their negative or unconscious behaviors
  • Need a “jump start” to encourage the therapeutic process
  • Clean/sober (i.e., 12-Step program participants) and ready for the next level of recovery

The Process is inappropriate for people who are:

  • Using non-prescribed or illegal drugs
  • Addicted and not clean/sober
  • Psychotic
  • Under 18, still living with or dependent upon their parents

While the Process does not replace ongoing therapy, it is customary for clients to concentrate solely on Process Work during the nine-week program, and then return to ongoing therapy with you.

“Without any doubt, this therapy is the most comprehensive and thorough process for helping terminate the problems stemming from early childhood.  It is upon this foundation that all other therapy and personal growth can make a deeper and more meaningful impact.”

— Armand C., Process graduate

3. If the work speaks to you, consider becoming a Process therapist

Increase your skill set with this effective and powerful therapeutic approach. Experience the personal satisfaction of helping clients make enormous progress, and transform themselves in nine weeks. We accept applications from licensed therapists, psychologists, and MSWs. Contact Cris Jenkins, Process Clinical Director, to learn more.


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