Institute Staff and Board of Directors

Elaine Baskin, Ph.D., Executive Director, Board Member

Elaine took the Process in 1974 as a single parent. In 1976 and 1981, she considered training as a Process Therapist, but wisely recognized that was not her “Right Livelihood.”   In 1989, she joined the Board of Directors, and was President 1990-1995.  In 2003, Elaine became Executive Director of the Institute For Personal Change.  She believes that the Process is the most important therapeutic work that she has ever done, and is extremely grateful to be able to share The Process with others.

Picture of Elaine Baskin
Lynne Baginski, Board President

Lynne took the Process in 1991.  Her realtor business specializes in commercial properties.  She lives in Walnut Creek, CA.  She joined the Process Board in 1995, and has been President of the Board since 1997.

Lynne Baginski
Donja Blokker Dalquist, Board Member

Donja took the Process in 1977, and join the Board of Directors in 1993.  1995-1997, Donja was Board President. She lives in Sooke, BC, Canada.

Picture of Donja Blokker Dalquist
Vera Shadle, Board Member 

Vera, who joined the Process Board in 2006, took the Process in 1989 and has also served as Process Assistant four times since then.  At her suggestion, both her partner and her brother also went through the Process.  In addition to crediting the Process for making her life livable, she is also very proud of her “Process-strong” family.  She is enjoying full-time employment in cancer clinical trials research after her previous healthcare career was disrupted by a 2006 cancer diagnosis.

Picture of Vera Shadle
Meel Velliste, Board Member 

Meel took the Process in 2020, and it helped him get unstuck and find joy in life. He joined the Process Board in 2022 because he felt inspired by the transformational power of the Process, and wanted to make sure others can continue to benefit from its magic. Meel’s career has spanned from scientific research in academia to software engineering and becoming an executive in the tech industry. He lives in Estonia.

Picture of Meel Velliste
Christine Wue, Board Member

Christine took the Process with her husband in 2009.  She is a Pilates and Gyrontonics instructor.  She joined the Process Board in 2012.

Picture of Christine Wue
Cris Jenkins, MFT, Board Member

Cris took the Process in 1986, as a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor.    She has taught the Process since 1988.  She has been on the Board since 2018 as the Therapist/Staff representative. Cris lives in Florida.

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