Compare Your Options

Comparing the Process to other forms of therapy may help you decide if the Process is right for you. In sum, the Process provides a time-limited yet intensive journey into the aspects of your life that are not working the way you want. We address what you learned as a child, and how it affects your life today. Then we help you move through to the other side, where you become free of those traits and behaviors that are not serving you as an adult.



The Process

Includes one-to-one therapy

Lasting Group/Community support

Two month evening & weekend commitment

Affordable per-hour cost*

Changes last and continue to grow throughout your lifetime

Total cost paid in advance

Takes courage to change

Traditional Weekly Therapy

Small time commitment

One-to-one therapy

Can stop whenever you want

Often takes years for deep or lasting changes

Expensive and open-ended

Popular Weekend Experiences

Make you feel good fast.

Gives a sense of community

Changes usually don’t last

Community disbands quickly

Rarely gives you one-to-one therapeutic interactions

One-Week Intensives

Can move you quickly to a deep level Lasting change more difficult without time to absorb the changes, and without written records for referral and reminder

Alternative Therapies

Unproven Variable time and money commitments

Do Nothing

Financially inexpensive

Not time-intensive

No change, no growth

Problems remain, or can worsen

*Includes up to 63 hours of group sessions, plus up to 15 hours of individual sessions. Your therapist will spend up to an additional 10-20 hours responding to your written work. $5000.00 is an effective rate of approximately $125 per teacher-hour plus $30 per group hour— which compares favorably with the going rates for both individual and group counseling.

It is your choice.  We offer a free session with one of our therapists to help you determine whether the Process is the right therapy for you at this time.  Please contact us to set up your free session.

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