Instructions to transfer money via PayPal

1.   Log on to PayPal: (opens in a new window). For security: Always enter the address with your keyboard; never use a click-through on an email.

2.   There is a good demo on how to send money.

3.   If you don’t already have a PayPal account: Create a free PayPal account for yourself, and log in.

4.   Under  Profile: Financial Information, add your credit card information.

5.   Click the “Send Money” button.

6.   Recipient’s email:  elaine “at”

7.   “Type” is “Service”

8.   Be sure to put your name in the Subject box, so we know who the payment is from.

9.   Shipping address should match your address on file with us.

Any problems: contact Elaine Baskin,, or 650-494-0255