Informational Evenings

Tuesday June 8, 2021, 7 PM
Online via Zoom or FaceTime
 Or by appointment

Learn how the Process can work for you, in your personal life, relationships, parenting, or career. Hear from Process graduates, why they took the Process, and what they got out of it. Free.

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Workshop: Inner Healing/Outer Transformation

Friday-Saturday-Sunday July 30-Aug 1, 2021, Online, waitlist
Friday-Saturday-Sunday August 27-29, 2021, Online
Friday-Saturday-Sunday December 10-12 2021, Online

Friday: 6 PM – 9 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday:  10 AM – 5 PM
$300.00 for the weekend*

The objective of the Inner Healing/Outer Transformation Workshop is to bring awareness to current behavior patterns that are producing undesirable results in your life, then shift to behaviors that lead to more positive outcomes.

While you were growing up, you adopted many traits and beliefs from your parents. Many of them no longer serve you well, they are no longer appropriate for you as an adult. Inner Healing/Outer Transformation works from both directions: it helps you explore these traits and beliefs, and how they affect your life today, as well as connecting your current issues back to childhood experiences. Through the Workshop, you begin to separate from these old patterns, emotionally grow up, and become the person you were meant to be. Inner healing leads to outer transformation.

The licensed psychotherapists who conduct the Workshop apply a unique mix of therapeutic competence, emotional caring and spiritual depth. In two days, these powerful ideas and processes can start to repair the damage from the past.

For the workshop, it is useful (but not required) to bring an issue that you would like to work on.

*$150 of the workshop fee may be applied toward payment of full Process. Discount for two or more living in the same household.

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9-Week Process For Personal Change

Spring/Summer 2021  May 15 through July 11, 2021, online Class Schedule for Spring/Summer 2021  The Spring/Summer 2021 class is in progress
Fall 2021 September 25 through November 21, 2021, online Class Schedule for Fall 2021 Fall 2021 is waitlisted

The 9-Week Process is online via Zoom.

$5000.00 (less any workshop credits)*

Includes up to 63 hours of group sessions, plus up to 15 hours of individual sessions. Your therapist will spend up to an additional 10-20 hours responding to your written work. $5000.00 is an effective rate of approximately $125 per therapist-hour plus $30 per group hour— which compares favorably with the going rates for both individual and group counseling.

Free initial consultation with a therapist. Begin your investment in yourself today.

*Couples discount available for any couple living in the same household.

Contact us for reservations and information, or reserve online.

Commencement Celebration

July 11, 3 PM Pacific Time, via Zoom

At this celebration, each graduate of the current Process class speaks about their Process experience, what they gained, and how they have changed. As they begin their Life After The Process, join them in their celebration and see firsthand what the Process does.