Awareness Gives Us Choices

In Feldenkreis movement, the object is to increase awareness of the body, of different parts, how they move, how they interact. If we have awareness of how our body moves, then we will have choices about how we move it, how we want it to move, how to move it those new ways.

The same is true for personal awareness. If we become aware of our emotions, of our moods, of our reactions, we then have choices about how we want to react, how we want to be in the world.

If we don’t have awareness, then we cannot make a choice.

Awareness means looking for and uncovering our blind spots. This is hard to do without help, not impossible, but certainly difficult. Awareness is like a mirror, we look into it to see what is there. The mirror doesn’t present something that is not already there, it simply gives us the knowledge of what is, what we didn’t see before.


Awareness gives us choices. With choices, we have the opportunity to grow, to become who we really are, to become our best selves.