Before and After Photos



The photos below are reprinted with permission of the subjects.


“Before” SD, May 20, 2023 “After” SD, July 16, 2023

Quote from SD’s Commencement talk, July 16, 2023:

In a nutshell, what the Process does: it takes those reflex memories that we have stored as children, that give us the knee-jerk reflex actions as an adult, it makes you aware of the issues, why you needed those as a defense mechanism when you were a child, and why those reflexes do not work in our interactions today: [learning this] is Freedom. It is Freedom that makes you become a whole different new being. It is really a rebirth. It’s been life-changing.


“Before” RG, May 20, 2023 “After” RG, July 16, 2023

Written statement from RG, July 17, 2023:

The 9-week course is where I found the greatest transformation in my life. Not one other course, daily habit, or inspiring guru has helped me as much as this course. I thought meditation saved my life, and in many ways, it allowed me to get here. But the process has changed my life and my personal views regarding my value. I have a great connection with the divine and a better understanding of who my parents were and how to release past trauma.
This course is a must-do for everyone who wants to live more peacefully.


Selfie of L.L., Jan 14, 2023 Selfie of L.L., Mar 12, 2023

Written statement from LL, March 27, 2023:

Before starting The Process I could never have imagined the changes that I would make to my life … in nine short weeks I have transformed my sense of identity, overhauled my skills as a parent and as a partner. I feel a burst of life and energy in my soul, a deep connection to my truest self, and new outlooks and perspectives with which to approach everyday problems, life changing hurdles and everything in between.

The Process community is supportive beyond measure and I feel deeply privileged and proud to have been able to experience this work. Thank you to all The Process family for the love and guidance you have shown and shared.


Selfie of L.F., Jan 13, 2023 Selfie of L.F., Mar 14, 2023

L.F. comments on the differences between the two pictures:

False confidence vs vulnerability


Selfie of N.D., Jan 13, 2023 Selfie of N.D., Mar 13, 2023

Quote from Commencement Celebration, March 12, 2023, N.D.:

I took the Process as soon as I was out of the house, it was important to me that I start my adulthood from a clean slate, and from a place where I can reclaim my heart and my life. And I feel that through this work I have done that. [During the Process] I got in touch with … a power that I’ve never felt in my life, and then [I could] begin to understand the intricacies of my patterns, and then replace them, and choose something different.

The forgiveness and the compassion [in the Process]: that was so powerful for me. It reignited my purpose and spiritual commitment. I wasn’t expecting that to happen, I was expecting the Process to be fully emotional work. But it re-opened up “Life is short and I only have so much time to be myself because that’s what I came here to do.”


Selfie of A.M., Sep 25, 2021 Selfie of A.M., Dec 3, 2021

Quote from Commencement Celebration, Nov 21, 2021, A.M.:

I’ve never done anything quite like this. I’ve done therapy, I’ve done experiential stuff … but pretty soon I am reacting in ways that – I thought, s**t I thought this was over, that I was over that. This Process is really spiritual … It was just so meaningful, to have everyone witness me and for me to be able to witness everybody else [going through their emotional changes] … What a miracle … I do feel that freedom, and I do not feel like I did when we started nine weeks ago. … I feel strong and blessed and supported … in continuing on with this Process. It really is a miracle.



Selfie of M.N., Oct 25, 2020 Selfie of M.N., Dec 22, 2020

Quote from Commencement Celebration, Dec. 20, 2020, M.N.:

This work was so much harder and so much more involved than Business School, I felt exhausted at times, but incredibly grateful. I feel like I’ve gone inside out, and learned so much about myself. … I do feel reborn, I am actually feeling bittersweet, but I do feel I have a lot more tools that I am equipped with to take on what’s next… I am a better parent even just after two months.



Selfie of E.N., Oct 25, 2020 Selfie of E.N., Dec 21, 2020

Quote from Commencement Celebration, Dec. 20, 2020, E.N.:

I had a lot of anger coming into the process, and I didn’t understand it, I didn’t feel like a good person with this anger… The anger represented having my boundaries crossed… I found that the anger was because I felt like I didn’t have a voice, and I felt like I had no power. So one of my breakthroughs was about reclaiming my power, and I did it! It was amazing … There is so much joy in reclaiming my power, I am not as angry as much, because I don’t feel that the world is happening to me, I am co-creating the world around me, and I’m showing up and being present, and I’m saying “Yes” and the Universe is meeting me and saying “Yes” to me too.



J.F. on Sept 8, 2019, the first day of his Process J.F. on Nov. 3, 2019, the last day of his Process
J.F. Sept 8, 2019 J.F. Nov 3, 2019

Quote from Commencement Celebration, Nov 3, 2019, J.F.:

For the first time in my life I am really experiencing Joy. It’s there, the seed is planted, I don’t know if you can see it vibrating in here, but it’s there, it’s coming out… Now the second half of my life begins, or the second part of the work, if you will. I am going to now give me things I haven’t given myself before…

The one word that I hear all the time is Courage. It’s Courageous to do this [The Process]. And I never really thought about it taking courage. Because this is something I needed to get at, to me it was just I need this, I have to fix myself. I have to be better, I have to understand, give myself more tools to deal with [the childhood trauma].

It’s really been quite a journey, and I now am feeling Joy for the first time in my life. I am feeling Joy. I want to take that out now and give it to everybody. Give somebody what I’ve gotten, that I’ve worked really hard to get, that I didn’t know I needed to have. That’s the cool part. [Then he performed a little Joyful Dance.]



K.C. on Sept 8, 2019, the first day of his Process K.C. on Nov. 3, 2019, the last day of his Process
K.C. Sept 8, 2019 K.C. Nov 3, 2019

Quote from Commencement Celebration, Nov 3, 2019, K.C.:

I went into these nine weeks [The Process] with a bit of reticence, I’d done therapy in the past and my parents put me in therapy as a kid. I’d even done a week-long therapeutic process focusing on the effects of childhood trauma. Though each had helped me, I’d found myself returning to the same old patterns of numbness and disgruntlement. This pattern underlay my life so thoroughly that it just it just felt like the normal state of being. The Process provided guidance and support over months, allowing me to identify the root of these reactive patterns, to release many of them and accept more of the guidance that my emotions could offer me.

For much of my life I’ve not known what to do with emotions. I mostly didn’t feel, but would periodically have a strong emotional reaction surface and immediately subside. I didn’t have the fluency to name what was percolating in me or the curiosity to find out why. I tried to fix myself by identifying anger issues and improving communication skills, but never really understood what the point of an emotion like anger was. The Process helped me access some early memories that i needed to come to terms with. In doing so I opened up to a wider and subtler range of emotions. I’d known (theoretically) that emotions could be useful indications of my decision-making ethics, but my emotional numbness had prevented putting this knowledge into practice.

Ultimately, with the help of The Process work I was able to track the resentment and disconnect I’ve carried to my early family experience and the burn trauma in my first year of life. I came to see that my reaction to this trauma was still running me. Since beginning to heal this I’m noticing more joy, confidence and curiosity in my daily life.

Thank you, this has opened up a lot for me. It feels like a major turning point for me

R.R. on March 10, 2019, the first day of his Process R.R. on May 5, 2019, the last day of his Process
R.R. March 10, 2019 R.R. May 5, 2019

Quote from Commencement Celebration, May 5, 2019, R.R.:

Before the Process, I could feel a well of anger inside of me that I couldn’t release on my own.  The Process helped me to locate the instances in my childhood where that energy was locked up. Even with the other spiritual work I had done, I couldn’t let go of the anger without a deeper approach like the Process. Going through the 9 week program helped me to locate not only those instances where that energy was stuck, but also to locate myself in the midst of those circumstances. That has been incredibly freeing.

At the end of the Process, I asked my partner what she sees in me now vs. before I started.  She said that she saw more strength as well as a sparkle. I never had a sense of a sparkle before.  I am a buddha guy, but now I’m a buddha with a sparkle. I feel more multidimensional, like I’m a richer version of myself.

One of the things I come back to frequently is how important the heart is for this kind of work, and how much I just want to keep opening, opening to it all. The Process really supports that continuous opening, and it’s allowed me to experience a much deeper freedom within myself.


T.H. on March 10, 2019, the first day of his Process T.H. on May 5, 2019. the last day of his Process
T.H. March 10, 2019   T.H. May 5, 2019

Quote from Commencement Celebration May 5, 2019, T.H.:

I have been a student at [a spiritual school] for 12 years, I have a rich meditation practice, I am a part of a lay ministry that shows me ways to be with God, my spirit, and my heart connection. But it always felt like something was missing, something integral.  I came in [to the Process] a little arrogant! … Jamie (a Process therapist/body worker) said “The truth will set you free.”  I wasn’t in my body listening. I was like, I knew I could get through this by closing my eyes, and going up in my chakras, doing it all in total neutrality, using all my tools that I knew…

One of the revelations of spiritual work is that you have to break to be given, to be beloved. I broke that day [with body work], And that’s when I found that deeper recess of my heart. And I never let go of that.

I feel a magnificence coming from my heart. Instead of just expanding up and out, I am expanding through my heart. I feel this alignment [between inner child, intellect, and spiritual self], there is a sense of unity, and wholeness: and that feeling that something was missing went away.